Warren Buffett Best Quotes

Warren Buffet is seen as one of the most influential people in American society. He is the most successful investor of the 20th century. Because of his life experiences many people are willing to listen to what he has to say. The stock market is constantly changing and the average consumer has to study the business more and more as time goes on. There are more and more business being born every day. There is also the issue of private stocks and being sold to people. People can’t just instantly buy that business and do whatever they want with it.

Thankfully Mr. Buffet has some really insightful information that everyone should listen to. He talks about people become fearful of those who become greedy. It also works in a way that people become greedy when others are fearful. He is giving his audience some insight of how the market works. People are scared of businesses and figures that are greedy because they get less power. They have more influence on the government and the government will ask them for money. That will allow them to influence law makers to to write bills that may influence their business. Everyone has a reason to be fearful of resistance.

He also has some other great quotes that will give the commoner more insight on what they buy. He talked about the value of a product compared to price. People who go into a restaurant and people who shop at the supermarket can buy the same thing. However prices will almost always be different. The supermarket will give the person more value for their money. Mr. Buffet is saying that you need to think about how much you can get out of what you are buying. There is a price point for almost everything but not all of it is worth buying.

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