Warren Buffett Best Book

Warren Buffet also happens to be a book warmer. He reads between 600 to 1000 pages daily. Reading translates to about 80% of his daily schedule.Mr. Warren Buffet claims he has a reading habit in order to get more and more facts and information. He often puts them on a test to see whether it leads to some business adventure.

Buffet suggests that you don’t have to read other peoples opinion; instead, you need to get facts and synthesize them within. Mr. Buffet is a reader he is; he owns a library full of books which you can find many references. What an excellent culture to have.

Warren Buffett best book is ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham- Buffet recommends this book for young investors. It gave him the basic framework of an investor. To be a successful investor you have to be of sound mind, which can make decisions and be able to keep your emotions from tempering with your framework. The book accurately describes the proper context for emotional discipline.

‘Security Analysis’ by Benjamin Graham et al.- this one of Mr. Buffet’s best read he says the book has given him a roadmap for investing since he joined the business. The texts offer a way through which you can analysis and value a company.
Another good read is; The Outsiders; Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Succes by William N. Thorndike- this book discusses the grand success of 8 CEOs who approached differently business management. Buffet highly recommends the book to his readers.

Mr. Warren Buffett also enjoys reading-Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits’ by Philip Fisher- the author emphasizes on evaluating company’s management and not just fixing financial statements.
If you want to be the next prominent investor in town, follow some of this Warren Buffet recommended books. These books are a perfect guide to be a successful businessman.

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