Warren Buffett & Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham, a man that helped establish the legendary Warren Buffett. Benjamin Graham was a teacher at the Columbia Business School where Warren Buffett attended and graduated, Graham though Warrens years at the school was his teacher and mentor. Under the teachings of Graham is where Buffett was introduced, learned and mastered the fundamentals of value investing. Graham molded Buffett into the man he has become, he has help Buffett chose the right path. Graham has mentored Buffett so much that Buffett on occasion has referred to himself as, “85% Graham.”

Benjamin Graham was an economist, professor at Columbia Business School, and an investor. This British-born legend graduated at the age of twenty from the same school he later started working for as a professor, Columbia Business School. He is also the man who founded the Graham-Newman Partnership. These two gentlemen nigh inseparable changed the future or investment. In Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor, Buffett states that it had changed his life and set him on the path of professional analysis to the investment markets.

Warren Buffett closed his partnership which then became worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This made Graham and Buffett some of the wealthiest men in the world. Buffett when looking for investments would spend his time visiting companies and understanding the corporate’s particular business model while Graham relied on quantitative methods. These legends are no more than just ordinary men, they have proven that when you right for what you want, nothing can stop you. Push beyond the boundaries and continue to push further and further until you accomplish what that goal is. To never give up and to never back down, listen and follow the gut instinct and even if that is questioned, just like Buffett he talked with Graham about his plan, but Graham intervened and showed him what he truly could accomplish.

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