Warren Buffett: Beginnings

Having been born in the year 1930 in Omaha, NE, Warren Buffett showed his passion character at a very tender age. It came as a shock to many because in the year 1956 is when he formed the company called the Buffett Partnership, and within one year he had taken control of the Berkshire Hathaway.

His power on the field of the media, insurance, energy and the food industries he managed to be one of the wealthiest investors in the world. He attended the University of Pennsylvania when he was 16 years where he was enrolled to do business. The exciting thing is that after he was out of the university when he was about 20 years he had gained more than$10,000 mainly from the company he had started.

The guy later went to New York where he did his masters in economics at the Institute of finance. In the year 2006, he made a big announcement where he said that he had decided to give almost all is the fortune to the charity work the most significant part of about 85% going to the Bill and Melinda Foundation. The charity work went to book of history as the charitable work ever done in the whole of the United States.

By the year 2016, he created his website where he could encourage people especially those who came from his community to go and vote. The site also assisted in registering for new voters. After two years later, he announced that he had opted to sell about his 81 million shares to the IBM stock. In his recent announcement, he said that he had formed great teamwork with other investors to build one of the most significant Health Care. He added that the company would not consider any profit from a patient.

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