Warren Buffett & Basketball Benefits

Many people do not know Warren Buffett is an avid basketball fan in recent years Warren Buffett has had a million dollar per year for life offer when if they can predict the outcome of the current years March madness with the odds of this bring the same as winning the lottery thus offer has also been offered by another company in recent times it turns out Quicken Loans also has made this offer but this company has upped the odds and wagered one billion dollars for the nearly impossible task. Every year the rankings of this basketball match are different with teams winning at different times beating different teams statistically being impossible to predict these are just some of the reasons Warren Buffett shows is to give a million dollars for anyone who shows the paralysis to predict these unforeseen events.

Even if no one gets all the way through these ranking if anyone gets to the Sweet 16 that will be awarded the one in Million Dollar Deal every year for life if anyone falls short of this though there is still a chance to win as Warren Buffett still provides a chance for a contestant that doesn’t even participate in the event to win $100,000. These are some of his charitable giving in there and has money coming in from every angle the million dollars really does not benefit him so therefore he gives it to the public this is a reason they are so fully supporting in his efforts of philanthropy supporting schools the AIDS epidemic and Africa Warren Buffett has donated to just about every cause you can think of and suede the 2008 election in the favor of Obama in the state of Nebraska and inside the city of Omaha who back Warren Buffett fully in his decisions.

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