Warren Buffett & Bank Business

Many people may think the third richest man in the world live in luxury this is not true in the case of wine Buffet as he has a net worth of 82. Million dollars and still lives in his simple Omaha Nebraska home when he raised his children in and had a 50-year marriage in. Soon after his high school graduation, his career in stock marketing began generating billions of dollars over the course of his career and still to this day goes on not only with Warren Buffett but with his children they choose to give exactly as their father be a practicing philanthropy as well as investing money the family has ties to just about every group you can think of it support Africa as well as nature and they’re playing a key role in the AIDS epidemic and the debt situation that is currently going on in the country.

Warren Buffett purchased this house in the 20th century for about $32,000 dollars the property value has grown and now his house it’s worth quadruple what he bought it for just another show of Warren Buffett’s amazing investing abilities. Gaining mass attention for his role in the 2008 election with Obama Warren Buffett hosted a dinner a $32,000 per plate dinner to be exact which all proceeds went to charities in Chicago this greatly suede the election in the favor of Obama Warren Buffett said that he would not support McCain until his views changed he stated that McCain needed a lobotomy on his views stated they were not equal for everyone they only work for the rich and first class and Warren Buffett support the community as a whole or donate to Charities as well as scholarship funds in the area and around the world as well.

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