Warren Buffett Awards and Honors

Warren Buffett is soon expected to be awarded the Medal of Freedom by the United States president. The information was being released by a white house official indicating that the event is scheduled to take place at the same venue. The tycoon has received many awards due to his contribution in boosting the level of the economy for the country. He is among the other fifteen people that are also expected to be awarded the same honor and appreciation by the president. It mainly happens once in a year where the president reward and assigns the crucial people who contribute a lot regarding the investments. In the coming year, Buffett is also expected to be rewarded with a medal of honor at the white house, and this will mainly come from the charity work that he has primarily done to support up to a various foundation in America. The award will be one of the most prominent honors that have ever been accorded to U.S civilian in the history. In the year 2006, the president of the Berkshire made a great surprise to many people when he made a major decision to give out more than $40 Billion to charity activities. The foundation that benefited a lot was the Bill and Melinda Foundation having been given the most significant shares. When he did this Warren Buffett increased his chances of being awarded by the president although he didn’t do this with that intention. The former United States president consulted a lot of issue from Buffett, and he supported him at the most time this is mainly because of unconditional support that he did to him during the presidential election in the year 2008. The reason why Warren Buffett was awarded the Medal Of Freedom was due to the high achievements that he has to manage to have accomplished in his life.

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