Warren Buffett Autobiography

Warren Buffett also known as the “ Oracle of Omaha”, is one of the world’s richest businessman that knew exactly what to invest in. In his early childhood, Warren Buffett was so dedicated in making money, while kids were out playing. At the age of 16 is where he started his studies in business.

At the age of 10 was when Warren Buffett decided that making money was what he wanted to do. At 11 years old was when he bought his first stock, with an investment of $38 per share in Cities Servies Perferred. He have the stock until it reaches $40 and he wasn’t discouraged when it had dropped at $27. Even though it was a small profit, that still didn’t shake him but made him stronger. When he was 13 years old he and his friend from high school purchased a pinball machine for $25. Within a few months they made so much profit that it’s enabled them to buy more and owning in three different locations until he sold it out for $1,200. After all his business endeavors, by the time he reached 16 years old he had a fortune of $53,000.

Warren Buffett didn’t see the need of going to University after having a fortune off $53,000 but saw the potential of making more money. Despite that he didn’t let his fortune got to his head he followed his father advice and got enrolled in University of Pennsylvania where he stayed for two years. He finish his degree at University of Nebraska at age 20 where he had $10,000 left of his childhood business. You didn’t stop there but furthered his studies in doing a masters in economics at Columbia University.

Warren Buffett is a wonderful guy that always held his expectations very high. He always is the type of guy to be investing into different way things to maximize his profit. He sure is smart guy, but despite his achievement, he still ensured that he got a tertiary education to broaden his knowledge. Warren Buffett was just born to do only greatness.

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