Warren Buffett : Astrid

Warren Buffett has seen wonderful years of being married to his wife Susie Buffett until later years when Susie got awakening for her life. This incident in both of their life ushered into a new situation that had shaped their love life.

At the age of 19 and 21 Warren Buffett married his wife Susie Buffett in Omaha Nebraska. They build the foundation of his businesses and investments with Susie supporting him; having a doting wife and loving mother of their three children. Having many incidences in their life being shaped by societies problems that had affected the way they saw life more so Susie. Susie begins to become more aware of the civil rights movement and wanting to help out as much as possible.

She began to take active steps in having social events to make awareness of the injustices of minorities and other human rights. Being a housewife had grown tiresome and she knew there was more of a mission for her life then behind 4 walls. In 1977 Susie decided to move away to San Francisco to pursue her philanthropy and foundation desires.

This sent Warren Buffett into a depression and she knew that he could not deal with being alone without her on a daily basis. She sent a friend of hers name Astrid to the home to help take care of him. She would come over to feed him clean up and give him company. This soon grew them into a romance that was unconventional to most. They all accepted the situation in a never changing friendship and love.

Even though the relationship between Warren Buffett and Astrid is somewhat unconventional too many outsiders it has been accepted by his wife and children. Having a love that many don’t understand but works for them.

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