Warren Buffett as a Child

As a child, Warren Buffet had a great deal of self-power. He had an awareness that was unlike other children his age, he finds a pride at an early age in being his own boss and set his on the path in life.

At 7 years of age, he found a love for reading and would read anything he put his hand on. Growing his capacity for knowledge at an early age. Checking out publications that adults were reading, giving him a marathon of an advantage over most children his age. He was called into entrepreneurship early on by selling whatever he could get his hands on, like gum and delivering papers.

His dad instilled in him, how to set his own path in life and how to not be swayed by anything anyone else is doing, he filled him with a inner confidence.

His mom was a lovely female that excelled at mathematics, and also at computing numbers in her head. His mom had serious frustrations with migraines and it would certainly take a toll on the overall household, it would change her mindset as well as psychological security.

When they moved to Washington, DC when he was 12. He really did not like it, he lost several friends. In school, he became very, mischievous causing quite a lot of pressures and concerns for his teachers. Even yet, he still excelled in school and would later attend the Northwestern University and Columbia University.

The childhood of Warren Buffet set the path and stage for what he was to become today. At an early age, Warren Buffet declared that he would rich, he set his mind to a huge goal and became one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of 85 million.

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