Warren Buffett Annual Meeting 2018

The annual shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. went down in this past weekend, May 2018. This is a meeting that brought together the shareholders of this firm to hear from the Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett about the future of the firm. There are also those who come to learn tips about investing from the world’s best investor. In 2018, Warren Buffett has dedicated the meeting to discuss some of the decisions made by the management in the last one year. Most of the information is revealed during the questions and answers session held by Warren and his long-serving Vice-Chairman Charlie Munger. Some of the issues that were discussed at this year’s meeting include:

Warren Buffett revealed that Berkshire Hathaway is dedicated to promoting gender balance in the form. Out of the recently appointed chief executives, he has appointed a number of women composing half of the new appointments. Six chief executives are running various businesses owned by Berkshire.

Another thing that Warren touched is the issues of investing at Apple. Warren Buffett approves of this decision. Berkshire has made a huge investment in Apple in the last two years. Since it bought its first shares in the firm, it has pumped billions in a short time to make Apple the largest company in terms of shareholding in Berkshire.

Warren Buffett was asked why he is not investing in Amazon and Alphabet, both which are companies with characteristic he looks for in an investing company. Warren like established companies which have very little competition. According to Warren Buffett, whatever is happening at Amazon is close to a miracle. It is something unexpected. He, however, says that he does not invest in miracles.

Warren Buffet explained to shareholders that he did not just invest in Apple because it is a tech company; he invested because he was convinced there was value for the capital invested and that the ecosystem support development in the company.

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