Warren Buffett Annual Letter

One of the greatest investors in the world Warren Buffett has created a yearly letter that sends out to all of his investors so that they can keep up with everything that is going on and this time the focus is on Berkshire Hathaway shareholders Warren Buffett wants to keep the readers of his letter to always be updated the letter is going to be released soon and in it the readers can expect very familiar themes from the 86 year old Warren Buffett.

In the letter, there will be reviews of the Berkshire business, including managers and even wall street. The readers can expect to have discussions about the economy and even politics and how these things have an influence and impact on the world of investment. There were even jokes about CEO’s penchant for deal-making to the sex drive of teenagers

The letter has little something for everyone meaning that the financial information is for people who own business, have MBA’s or if you’re a high school student that just want to understand the business world and maybe interested in investing some time in the future. this letter did not disappoint reader this year with it’s ” little something for everybody ” theme it informer the reader that Berkshire Hathaway was now a 116 billion dollar war chest and ready spend on a deal, but the money was so high that it became difficult to spend

One of the greatest highlights was in the letter it was said that when Berkshires had a gain of 65.3 billion dollars in 2017 but only 36 billion dollars came from Berkshire’s operations.

This is great that Warren Buffett is getting all of this financial success, it will indeed help the economy and productive employment for a lot of people. The world needs more business people like Warren Buffett.

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