Warren Buffett and Wife

Warren Buffett and his wife Susan got married in the year 1952. This was his first wife who was said to be very active the issues that mainly concerned the civil rights, the birth control right and also the abortion rights.

She was allocated the role of director of their company called the Berkshire Hathaway. In that firm, he owned about 2.2 percent of the total share which boosted him to be named among the top 160 wealthiest people in the globe. Also, she was so dedicated to helping out charity work to support education, the population control group and even the medical research team.

Been born in a town of Omaha, she attended the secondary school within that city. She was so much passion to singing that she even used to perform at the Omaha national theater. Due to her much love of music, she decided to leave her husband to go and settle in San Francisco to do music full time as a career. It is at this place where she started out living in a small apartment before later moving to a big look with reasonable accommodation.

For all this period she remained married on good terms with Warren Buffett. They spend their free time together where they could spend part of vacation attending and contribute to charity functions. At the New York City is where she used to pay more of her time in producing more CDs. She gained excellent support and encouragement from her husband, and this is what kept her moving on with her music career.

In the year 2003, she developed oral cancer where she even went a lot of surgery but could not recover and died after a year later. Warren Buffett was so depressed with the sudden death of her wife and after some period of time got married to another wife.

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