Warren Buffett and Trump

Warren Buffett and Trump: Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO, Warren Buffett vented a wilting attack on Donald J. Trump on Monday, for denying his tax returns insinuating that Buffett had handled his taxes correctly. The strike from Mr. Buffett had definitely challenged Trumps ability to make the American Economy let alone play his position as the President. Turns out, Mr. Buffett, being a Hillary Clinton supporter in the 2016 presidential race, expresses his disappointment following the end result.

“Mr. Buffett had harshly criticized Mr.Trump for claiming that he had made “sacrifices” by building buildings, and working hard. Buffett said how could he compare that to Khizr Khan’s situation, and also that Mr. Trump made no sacrifices for the country.” During a rally with Democrat Hillary Clinton, (president nominee),in his hometown Omaha, Neb. Buffett didn’t hide the fact that he didn’t want Trump to win, in fact, he promised to personally transport 10 Nebraskans to the polls on Election Day and suggested that others do the same.

Seems like during the whole presidential race Warren Buffett was just in total disagreement and dislike when it came to Trump winning the election. As it was, Buffett was a 100% Hillary Clinton supporter, even though his hometown, Omaha, Nebraska being a republican state and Hillary Clinton being a democrat. He still showed his favor in Clinton and not Trump.

The funny thing is, months and months later after the presidential elections was over and Donald J. Trump was our new elected United States President, Buffett told CNBC during an interview on the eve of Trump’s inauguration that the billionare real estate mongal has the “ most important job in the world.” Buffett says that the US will do fine under Trump.

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