Warren Buffett And The Class War.

Warren Buffett is the person to go to when it comes to making a stellar stock investment, but the man also has a keen knowledge of the financial system in general. Warren Buffett was recently under fire for comments that he made about class wars, specifically in reference to taxing the ultra-rich. Warren Buffett has sided with former President Obama on this issue and has said that he would only tax the ultra-rich. This bracket is made up of a small percentage of Americans, and this would make a small dent in the country’s actual deficit. Warren Buffett recently also made the comment that his class has won the tax fight and that in the last twenty years the ultra-rich has been taxed the least.

What does this mean for the common taxpayers? Well, the Berkshire Hathaway mastermind doesn’t think that you should have to pay absorbent taxes. He thinks that taxing the working poor is a fruitless battle, and will not help the US with the class war in the long run. Warren Buffett is not a critic of taxing, but he believes in taxing the ultra-rich is a much more effective method. Warren Buffett has been in the financial business for a long time, so naturally, he has examined every aspect of taxing the rich and the poor.

Warren Buffett has to research the tax brackets because he wants his shareholders to get the most money out of their investments. When it comes to being taxed the rich are not taxed enough according to Warren Buffett, so naturally, an overhaul of the system should be on the horizon. Warren Buffett has given many interviews on the subject and will continue to stand being taxing the ultra-rich instead of the working poor.

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