Warren Buffett and His Views on Trump

Warren Buffett has plenty of values and morals and he is also a financial genius as well. He has stated his opinion on Trump and it has been definitely respected by those who follow him. Here are some of the things that he agrees and disagrees upon on Trump’s strategies.

Warren Buffett disagrees with the Trump tax plan. He feels that deductions must be made on state and local levels in order for each citizen to be able to sustain affordability in this great nation. Once again, Trump is under fire for allegedly giving ‘big corps’ a big break. Buffett is not the only one who feels this way. Buffett publicly challenged Trump to release his tax information only to find out what type of man he really was, real or fake. Billionaire Larry Fink also agrees with Warren Buffett on this tax view.

Warren Buffett believes Trump should not participate in regulatory trade wars because they always start a world fight. In addition, Buffett has lost money simply by Trump’s decision to up the tariffs on steel and aluminum trade. It has affected the world market and financials across the globe.

Warren Buffett appreciates the lessons in life that he has been taught by Graham and some of his other successors. He teaches higher level kids to look at Trump’s casino failure to help them with their future business endeavors. Mr. Buffett says that “leverage” was Trump’s downfall with his business choices. Warren Buffett is not ashamed of speaking his mind and being honest in any arena.

Warren Buffett knows that an election is fair for any given opponent. It is the practices and ethics that bother him because community and family come at the top of Mr. Buffet’s list. He does not discriminate and he practices fair business.

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