Warren Buffett and His Stockmarket Success

Warren Buffett is critically acclaimed as one of the most financially savvy investors out there. Warren has found ways to build his portfolio and financial success through many different ways. Some stocks Warren Buffett owns are American Airlines, Bank of New York, and Bank of America just to name a few. Holding billions of dollars worth of shares there is incredible insight to be taken from his experiences as not only an investor but an entrepreneur as a whole.
Warren Buffett started his stock adventure at the age of 11 in his hometown of Omaha. He had been enthralled by the way investors operate from a young age and knew he wanted to be involved in that world. As he matured he began making more grandiose investments of up to $1 million. As he grew as a person and an investor he dealt with losses and gains which later taught him the seemingly simple mentality of not giving up which later added to his future financial success.
One of the major ideas Warren lives by is saving over spending. Instead of spending spare money on materialistic items and fancy decor he saved and saved, later amassing more and more wealth for himself over time. Along with not giving up he also believes fads are too risky to become certain on early in time. Just because something is popular among the masses at a certain time doesn’t mean that popularity will stay or even grow in the next couple years.
Due to having a strong and firm mindstate Warren Buffett has been able to make successful investments in companies such as Apple, Wells Fargo, and Coca-Cola. Along with these investments he’s been able to create Berkshire Hathaway which holds billions of his shares in companies such as the ones listed earlier. All of this was possible through his strong mentality and just simply saving.

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