Warren Buffett and his Billionaire Challenge

Anyone that knows anything about Warren Buffett, knows he has some money, but they also may not know that he gives almost as much as he makes. He also has challenges others to give too.

Who is Giving?
There are a couple of people that have pledged to give as he does. The most prominent is Bill Gates. He pledged to give half of his money to charity to help others and to help build community. He is matching the gift that Warren Buffett has already pledged to give of his own money. There are several others that have also agreed to give half their wealth to charity.

Why They are Giving
The biggest reason they are giving their money to charity is to help others. They feel as though they owe it to other people to give them a chance to have the opportunity and to make something of themselves as well as they did. They understand that taking isn’t going to help anyone without giving something back.

What it Will Do
By giving the large amounts they are planning on giving to others, they can feel good about helping others and it helps them to feel better as well. As Warren Buffett has said, he doesn’t need so much money and thinks others need some help as well. He isn’t going to stand by and let others suffer when he can do something to help. He truly is a good person.

There are many ways that he has helped others, but this challenge is getting more people involved and it’s helping more people because of it. There are so many things that people can do to give, but when it’s done with love, it’s more powerful than anything else in the world.

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