Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Go Back to School

School is something that is very important for society to embrace. Some can argue that school is costing the country too much money. Those people would have a lot of evidence to back up their claims. There are things that the country has tripled their spending on but doesn’t actually improve. This is why you should commend people that don’t go to college. They are potentially saving themselves hundreds and thousands of dollars. Bill Gates is seen as an American icon because of how he changed the world. Bill Gates is seen as an icon because of his great programming in the world.

You get so many opportunities to see this for yourself. Bill Gates originally attended Harvard University in the 1970s. He would then decide to drop out and create Microsoft. Microsoft is a program for computers. Every civilized nation sells Microsoft because that allows them to accomplish their tasks faster and better. It is something that changed the world and people have never looked back. You get to see what is so different and change the lives of different people. At the same time, he realizes that he has influence and wants to put it to good use. He wants to finish his education and determine what direction he is going to go.

Warren Buffet is a man that was born to invest. Despite that, he was actually rejected from Harvard. Regardless of how much that hurt him, he decided that he would go Columbia University. He decided that would be the best thing for him and he realizes that was his path in life. Things have ultimately worked out for the better. That is something that you will not reject in the grand scheme of things. You gain so much out of looking for those things.

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