Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Global Relief Effort

In recent months, Warren Buffet has partnered with Bill and Melinda Gates to support a global relief initiative in East Sudan and other African countries. Buffet, a notable investor and entrepreneur who has amassed a personal fortune of more than 3 billion dollars through decades of business ventures and investments discussed his partnership with the Gates Foundation and the cause that the foundation is currently seeking to support. This partnership is not a novel one for Warren Buffet. For the past 20 years, Buffet has supported the Gates Foundation through hefty contributions. When asked about his reasons for supporting this particular Gates Foundation initiative, Buffet stated that he hopes to support the economic growth and stability of the people of East Sudan.

Personal Support for East Sudan
Buffet discussed, in depth, his own personal feelings and motives regarding the support of the Sudanese people. Buffet has, for years, been known to the public as a philanthropic businessman and his latest support of the Gates Foundation really helps the public to understand this idea. Buffet has announced that he desires his efforts in East Sudan will inspire other families of means to consider supporting relief efforts.

Expansion of Economic Resources
Warren Buffet has also discussed his desire to support the expansion of economic resources in East Sudan and other local countries. During times of famine or catastrophe, local governments and municipalities can face extended hardship because of the massive loss of economic resources and support for local business. By pumping resources into the country, Buffet hopes to help it sustain long-term financial success.

Creating Global Support
Buffett also discussed his desire to see lasting global support of the Sudanese economy. Although Buffet’s support of the Gates Foundation relief effort is a noble beginning, the businessman acknowledges that the road to recovery for the small country is a long one. Buffet hopes to continue to develop global support.

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