Warren Buffett and a Weird Outcome

Many people do not know this about Warren Buffett but the billionaire philanthropist is an avid basketball fan. Warren Buffett currently has a big going on with any employee in any of his hand full of subsidiaries he meant that no one can guess the outcome of the March Madness Tournament if anyone even makes it to the Sweet 16 of this tournament he will offer them a million dollars every year for life the workings of this competition are much harder than they may seem with odds of winning is more than a million to one there is no for sure way to calculate which team will end up on top with teams gaining new players and skills every year before the tournament you would essentially shoot a shot in the dark it would be like trying to find a needle in the haystack narrowing down who might win this amazing tournament in the future random luck affects this most of all. With thing such as players catching cramps or tearing things during games that outcome of this tournament is constantly changing and there is no way to put the pin on it this is why Warren Buffett offers the million dollar deal Quicken Loans also offered the deal in 2014 instead of wagering 1 million for life is Warren Buffett does they wager the price of 1 billion dollars to anyone that can get this again this will not be easy as Millions try every year even if no one wins they will be eligible to win $100,000 as long as their employees of one of Warren Buffett’s subsidiaries such as Dairy Queen in Geico leaving millions of employees worldwide open to get the $100,000 as well as against the outcome of the final four and win a million dollars for life.

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