Warren Buffett Amendment

Warren Buffet knows that Americas have a lot of amendments that help them with their freedom. These are rights that we are born with as American and we have to use them if we want to see ourselves as successful in the future. There is so much to learn and process in the laws. Free speech is something that we are proud of and need to preserve. America has the most amount of free speech rights in the world. There is nowhere else in the world that will allow you to say what you want to the extent that Americans will.

There is also the right to bear arms. Unfortunately, in this country, a lot of shooting happen. Hundreds of people are shot, and they usually happen in lower-income neighborhoods who can’t really afford to take the hit. But the issue isn’t as simple as saying that we need stricter gun laws. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and many people are killed in that city. That’s like saying that every child will get straight As if the government would just triple their spending on education. Things in this life aren’t as simple as communicating that.

The fifth amendment is one of the most important laws that our society has. It’s not just a law, it’s a thought that western, civilized countries need our to have an organized society. The rules of due process are ones that have prevented thousands of people from going to prison. You get so much out of making sure that you do this right. You get the right to a lawyer, even if you can’t afford one. You get the right to remain silent when you are arrested. Even if the police are asking you questions, you don’t have to answer.

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