Warren Buffett Alcohol Investments

Warren Buffett Alcohol Investments: Liquor is a booming business that has been proven to escape any type of drought. Liquor is a commodity that has never gone out of style and is loved be billions of American’s, not to mention it’s popularity all across the globe! Buffett maintained the idea that investments in simple businesses is the best thing going, and sure enough it doesn’t get any more simple than alcohol.

It isn’t a secret, with our questionable economy, and the high unemployment rate at an all-time high, people loved getting wasted! So Mclane, an assistant of Berkshire Hathaway publicized that is was to procure with Horizons Wine & Spirits. Mclane has also applied for liquor distribution licenses in Florida, Virginia, and Washington state. Buffett was extremely pleased with expanding the company’s horizons making sure they have the opportunity to prosper in the beverage industry. With that solid invest, Buffett is certain that it will open up the door to other wholesale distributors. In 2009, Buffett showed his appreciation towards Mclane, the Berkshire subsidiaries to bear fruit during the “Great Recession.” Furthermore, Buffett mentions that wholesale distributors of alcohol have had a syndicate dominance in many states, which gives them honorable position when it comes to having an advantage over there competitors.

Buffett had certainly admitted that it’s the kind of industry he loves, a business whose product is consumed by millions, that doesn’t prove to be going out of style anytime soon. It’s plain and clear that wholesale and distribution of alcohol is certain to never lose its magic when it comes to its needy demand, not to mention a booming business, and has been for a very long time.

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