Warren Buffett Advice from the Annual Berkshire Hathaway Meeting

The Berkshire Hathaway Annual General Meeting is one of the most anticipated business and entrepreneurship conferences in the world. It is a meeting that brings together the best of the best in the business sector as well as those who are ready to learn how to go about investments from the Chairman and CEO of the Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett.

At this conference, Warren Buffet together with Vice Chairman Charlie Munger engages the audience on various issues that are related to the business sector. Berkshire Annual Meeting conference is one of the best for anyone who would like to learn how to make the right investments. The annual meeting which has now been held for decades has impacted positively a high number of investors. Anyone who attends his meetings comes out more knowledgeable.

Warren Buffet advises investors to invest what they know about. One of the biggest mistake that investors make is to rush into companies where they do not know their genesis and where they are headed. Understanding the long-term prospects of a company is significant in investment decision making. So, an investment decision should be accompanied by a clear knowledge of the company one is willing to do business with.

Warren Buffett uses the annual meeting platform to advise investors on how to make wise investments. One of the things he insists on is making investments that are not based on forecasts. Every investment decision should be based on the broader view of the economy. Forecasts may get you enough money for yourself but there is the limit you will never surpass.

Another piece of advice Warren Buffet gives is that investors should not invest in stocks but rather in the business. It is easier to make a right investment when the focus is on “buying the whole company.” Buffet insists that he has never sat down to screen stocks on a computer. He believes the bigger picture in business investment matters more than the short-term goals that many investors focus on. Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting is the only place where such valuable information can be relayed in a single sitting.

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