Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet is one of world’s most successful businessmen yet he leads a very balanced and simple life that is hard for most people to get their minds around. While most people imagine success as being busy with work all the time in order to manage the businesses and their lives that simply doesn’t have to be the case and Warren Buffet is proof of that. In order to simplify his life and remain balanced Warren Buffet lives by six rules. The first rule that Warren Buffet lives by is to live below your means. What this means is that whatever you make you should spend less than that and put up money for savings every year. This is important as it protects you for a rainy day and helps you put money up for both emergencies, and savings for the future. But the other thing that living below your means does is it teaches you to be humble and not be so greedy that you think you need to spend every penny you make. Another rule of Warren Buffets is about efficiency and to cut out stuff that is just pointless such as meetings every year. For his companies he just sends out letters to let employees know what is going on and what needs to happen for the next year. There are other rules but overall his basic life solution is to live a simple, and efficient life where you don’t waste time on what you don’t need and give yourself the life you love doing something that you love.

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