Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet is one the world’s most successful and richest businessmen. This does in some ways make him a guru for business. Because of this over the years countless people have asked him the secret to success. More often than not though the person who asks is shocked to hear the answer, Warren Buffet has a great family life and spends most of his time doing whatever it is that he wants. By setting up a good business form and investing he is able to gain the money he needs to live, and to give in massive amounts all while spending most of his days doing whatever his heart desires. In his eyes work should not be something that you hate simply to gain wealth as that is a life being wasted. In his eyes the most valuable thing that you have is time and so it should be spent doing what you want whether or not that makes you rich. By living this way it has allowed him to live a simple life and not want for these huge things that he doesn’t need and are the usual indicators to everyone of a person’s wealth. Warren Buffet doesn’t feel the need to have more than what he needs to do whatever it is that he wants to do. But he does make more than this and thus gives massive amounts of money away each and every year in order to help those with less opportunities, or those that are just struggling in whatever way that may be in their lives.

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