Warren Buffett 13 Principles

One of the main issues that have boosted the Warren Buffett success is the principle that he has set up to guide him at the Berkshire Hathaway Company. He has brake them down to a total of 13 laws that he has written them down to serve as a reminder to him on what is expected of him.
Some of this rules were set a long time like 35 years and beyond and still Buffett has not even a single time ignored them. He makes them known to the interested shareholders who regularly visit his company. One of the primary rule state that also if the company letter form indicates that they have co-operated company for him and his team believes in working an as a partnership.

The way he values the shares that individuals have invested in the Berkshire Firm he takes them with the seriousness that they deserve and assume that is a business that this people own at that company. The many companies that Buffett owned have spread out very well, and things are taking a proper direction there. The second and most exciting principle that he holds is that he argues that they eat whatever they have cooked.

The reason behind this statement is because more than 90% Buffett wealth is under the Berkshire Hathaway Company. He says that this one of the reasons that he is so much committed when it comes to matters of the company. The third rule that he has written down is that as a business or an investment person the best thing you can do is to have a direct investment as part of your priority.

He says this is what has influenced him to purchase more stocks from various companies that he has had the opportunity to own several shares. The best and most important thing that Buffett has most of the time avoided is the use of shortcuts in investment.

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