Warren Buffett 10 Rules to Live By

Warren Buffet’s 10 rules to live by gives many a look at how one the richest men in the world lives his life. A framework that he has developed and made him wiser in his life.

Warren Buffet’s 10 rules to live by are:
1.Find your passion in life he advised college students to take jobs to find out what their passions are within the different elements of the job.
2. Hire well if you’re in the position to hire. Hire those who have integrity energy and intelligence.
3. Don’t worry about what people think about you. Stay in the lane you know you’re great in maintaining your emotional stability.
4.Reading is very important Warren reads 5 to 6 hours a day. No matter what it is just read.
5. Having a margin of safety knowing your limits and parameters and staying it.
6. Having a competitive advantage like a moat. Whether that being more talented than your competition or setting lower cost on your product. Not running away from the conversation but having your own advantage over it.
7. Scheduling for your own personality have your own struggle on how your day should go.
8. What kills most businesses is complacency. You want to always be on the move. Knowing that your next day can beat the last.
9. Model your success against those who were successful before you. Behave like successful people.
10. The power to give unconditional love to those around you. Giving it especially to your children or family will encourage them to thrive.

Warren Buffet’s 10 rules to live by helps everyday people understand some key rules that have driven and led him. Showing that anything is possible when you have principles that help navigate you through life.

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