Warren Buffet’s Wife

Warren Buffett has been married twice. He was married to his first wife, Susan Thompson, from 1952 until 2004, when she passed away. Before meeting Susan and his wife, Astrid Menks, Warren spent a lot of time trying to get with a woman named Betty Gallagher, but that ultimately ended up not working.

He married Astrid in 2006 but they’ve actually been together since 1978 since Warren and his first wife had an open marriage. They met through Susan and all 3 of them even signed Christmas cards together. Warren and Susan stayed married until she passed away and that’s when he married Astrid.

Although Warren and Susan stayed married, she actually ended up leaving him in 1952 in order to follow her singing dream. After this, Susan introduced Warren and Astrid and they started living together. They didn’t actually get married until 2 years after Susan passed. Warren’s family has no negative comments or feelings towards this arrangement. They are just happy that everything worked out for all three people who were involved. They have even publicly said that they see nothing wrong with unconventional marriages and that more people should try them out!

Warren Buffett’s marriage might be considered unconventional, but it worked well for all 3 parties. While this type of marriage isn’t for everyone, all three of them found it to work out perfectly. Currently, Warren and Astrid are still married and it’s just the two of them, but they are living and enjoying each other’s company and life.

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