Warren Buffet’s Wife

Susie Buffett, the wife of Warren Buffett, has played a pivotal part in his life as one of the biggest businessmen in the world. This billionaire’s wife has not only been a support system for him but has also found her own lane in life that lives on in her legacy. With the two of them meeting at Northwestern University they didn’t hit it off right when they met each other but eventually grew inseparable. They would relate to things but found themselves having many differences but these things grew them closer.

Susie was much more outgoing and full of life compared to Warren who was more guarded and an introvert compared to her. After marrying at the age of 19 and Warren being 21 they soon had three children names Susie, Howard, and Peter.

She had to find out ways to essentially become a single mother because of the long hours that Warren Buffett would be putting in into his business. Even though he was present in the household every day emotionally he was detached. He was much more of a quiet loner while Susie was opposite. Susie finds herself being engaged in many human rights campaigns and events. She started foundations aimed at helping civil rights women’s rights in addition to human rights. She found a love in helping others through charity and physically getting involved in the act of giving and mentoring others. Susie would later find herself battling cancer and yet after overcoming that she would later pass away from complications of a stroke. Even though this unfortunate event happened her legacy lives on with her children and husband. Warren Buffett declared that he would give 99% of his money to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in honor of his late wife.

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