Warren Buffet’s Sister

Doris Buffet is the sister of Warren Buffet and in many ways much like her brother. Even though all of her wealth was due to an inheritance from her mother she has spent much of the time since giving it away to those in need through her own foundation called the sunshine lady foundation. The reason that she founded this was that she wants others with misfortune in life to experience some happiness. The foundation helps battered women mentally ill and those that are in severe poverty. The reason her heart goes out to these people as even though she grew up with a fairly wealthy mother she never felt the love that most children do. Doris even explains that she never felt her mother loved her and didn’t even like her own children. From that rough childhood Doris went on to have four failed marriages and still to this day doesn’t have a good relationship with her own children.

Despite her hard emotional trials in her childhood “and much of her adult life along with many financial struggles she now wants more than anything to just help others in need. Because of this strong desire, the most successful part of her life has been working as a philanthropist to help others in need get both what they need and what they want to give them just a small piece of joy in what otherwise could be a sea of unhappiness. Now in her eighties, Doris is living out her dreams while helping others achieve theirs as well.”

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