Warren Buffet’s Sister Helping Inmates Redeem Themselves

Warren Buffett’s sister Doris has managed to create some really big moments for herself in this life. But her moments do not take place at charity balls or shareholders meetings.

Do you want to know where she did manage to shine recently? At an Auburn New York correctional facility of all places.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I am not a New Ager, nor am I religious, but when you see a guy standing up and holding his diploma and he says, ‘Mom, I never did anything to make you proud of me. This one’s for you,’ it’s a knockout punch. There’s real redemption.”

Doris Buffett founded the Sunshine Lady Foundation in the year 1996. She use money that she inherited from her brother in the form of Berkshire Hathaway stock. As we all know, her younger brother, Warren Buffett, is the current CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

Another fact you may not realize is that Doris actually used $6.6 million of her own money to fund programs of education within 20 prisons systems. The money she donates is used to pay all of the educational expenses, plus it is there to buy any books that are needed.

At the most recent graduation in Auburn New York, she watched 15 graduates from prison receive their Cayuga Community College degree. The students who graduated were taught by staff members and students from Cornell University.

The courses being taught in the prison system are politics, Law, genetics and anthropology. There is also a major emphasis on writing throughout all of these courses.

Doris Buffett has also paid for college law courses for the staff members of the prisons in which she donates her time and money as well.

This is not the only area where Doris has been a true philanthropist. She actually supports many different causes, and has given away over $100 million throughout the years to all of the various charities that she supports.

One interesting statistic that is very telling is that of the 88 inmates who were able to graduate and get degrees in Sing Sing due to Doris Buffett’s efforts, none of these people have ever returned to the prison system. So it obviously shows you that if you can educate and rehabilitate a prisoner, they can have a true opportunity at turning their life around.

This is also what Doris had to say:

“I wish other people who have money would catch on. They just don’t get it. You have a joyful life when you do this. If you’re dead, nothing! So why not do it right now?”

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