Warren Buffet’s Recommended Books

Warren Buffet has written some excellent books. These are books that you can read regardless of your economic or social status. They can help a lot of you even if you are a decade from going to college. It is never too late to consider trying to educate yourself about business. He has a book on Intelligent investing. Investing can be one of the scariest things to do if you don’t have that much money. No one wants to take a hit that they can’t get up from. But the only way to win the game is to play the way you have to.

He has a book on rules for success. A strong worth ethic is always one of the most important things to think about. If you want to become a doctor engineer or lawyer you’re going to have to think about the effort that you need to put in. These rules often apply regardless of where you live. Even though he was born as an American he has been to many places and goes to see what they are like. There are many people who want what he has. If they want even a fraction of it they will have to follow these rules.

He is always talking about the snowball effect. That is something one his assistants wrote a book about. The snowball effect talks about how businesses grow to be bigger and better. A company like Microsoft or Apple was just a group of friends seeing what they can do. But decades later are some of the highest grossing businesses in history. It’s something to thing about if you want to make a big business some day. The commitment is going to be on a level that you have never even dreamed of imagining.

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