Warren Buffet’s Portfoio

Warren Buffet is the premier investor of our age. He’s one of the wisest people in the world of finance and investing in the modern era. He has a knack for investing in seemingly undervalued companies that then explode in profit. He’s always said that he focuses on companies that he knows and understands and that is been the key to him being a successful investor. His philosophy can be summarized as buy great companies at good prices and then hold on to them forever.

This is quite simple but what separates Buffet from other investors is his ability to evaluate companies and find the ones that hold real value. Currently, his portfolio reflects that fact and he holds some of the most interesting positions in terms of stocks. Here are the major positions of Warren Buffet that he holds through his company Berkshire Hathaway. Currently, his largest holdings are in Apple Inc, Wells Fargo, Kraft Heinz, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, American Express, and more.

Currently, 42% of his shares are in financials while 24% are in consumer staples, 17% in information technology, 6% in industrials and the rest are in consumer discretionary. What attracts Buffet to certain companies is the way he looks at their products. For example with coca cola it’s something he himself drinks and at the same time he likes the value and durability of the core product that coca cola provides. With other companies he likes how they are fun and puts faith in the people that are in charge. Warren Buffet is certainly someone you should seek to emulate if you’re looking to build a strong portfolio of investments that will get you a great return.

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