Warren Buffet’s Life Has Inspired Many To Follow His Footsteps

Warren Buffet has led anything but an average life. As a man known as Oracle of Omaha, he is a billionaire who has inspired many people to want to travel the same road he has and learn to become financially independent.

Buffett is really anything but your typical billionaire. He has a net worth that has surpassed $75 billion but continues to live an incredibly modest lifestyle. For starters, he is still living in the same home he purchased in 1957, for a mere $31,000. He doesn’t use fancy private jets but instead chooses to use public transportation, and he enjoys playing bridge instead of lavish parties the rich are known for. This simplicity has inspired many to want to follow in his footsteps, to not only have enough money to do practically anything but to not waste it as many do. Buffet made his money through investing, something he first began showing interest in when he was just 11 years old. His first investment was three small $38 shares of Cities Services Preferred that he held through ups and downs until they reached $40. Buffet took his small earnings and was quite happy but learned a valuable lesson, to buy and hold, as Cities stocks then went on to soar to $200 per share. At just 16 years old, he had amassed a small fortune in his time, $53,000, which was enough money for him to turn down a prestigious offer from Wharton School of Business, though eventually he did as his father wanted and attended college.

He went on to continue to amass a much more impressive fortune as the years went on, and he has remained in the public eye. People are impressed and in awe of his investment skills and hope that they too can become self-made billionaires if they follow his advice and strategies. People take his advice to heart and hope that his words and stories can help them go on to walk the same path as Buffet has.

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