Warren Buffet’s Giving Causes

Warren Buffett, the richest man in the United States, has started an empire from his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. He has a net worth of 82.7 million dollars and is the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and also the highest shareholder Warren Buffett has had a will for filled life. Aside from his business like Warren Buffett had a 52-year marriage with Susan Thompson birthing three kids Susan Howard and Peter Buffett all have gone on to live successful lives and dabble in philanthropy as well such as their father it may be a family legacy. Susan Alice Buffett has gone to start her own charitable work it looser wood foundation or formerly of his known the Susan a Buffett Foundation focusing strongly on public services around the city of Omaha offering assistance to low-income residents of the city as well as public education funding focusing on other endeavors such as the situation Africa the AIDS crisis trade as well as debt.

While Howard chooses to focus his money on the environment sworn in as a sheriff in Macon County Illinois he not only choices to give back to the community by being a sheriff he chooses to give back to the world and Africa as well. While Peter has chosen to be creative about bunch with a well-established author record behind him for writing a New York Times bestseller as well as an Emmy for his music composing work he is the youngest child of Warren Buffett and co-chair to the company Novo. Warren Buffett’s children are a big part of his life and are becoming a big part of the world and philanthropy, in general, they’re giving back to the world and the causes carrying on the family tradition that their father has set for generations to come in the Buffett Family.

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