Warren Buffet’s Biography Book

Warren Buffet has had his biography written by Alice Schroeder and most of the book discusses his career and success in the business world. This book is titled “The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life” which was written after Schroeder spent over 2,000 hours reading Buffet’s personal files and interviewed countless people including Buffet himself as well as his wife, children, friends, family, and colleagues. Before Schroeder began on the book, Buffet promised he would not ask any information his family, friends, and colleagues gave Schroeder to be revised.<br />

“The Snowball” was awarded Amazon.com’s best business and investment book of the year in 2008. Time Magazine, People Magazine, and a critic named Janet Maslin also rated it was one of the top 10 books of the year as well. This book has been compared to a bible for capitalists as it’s one of the most details looks inside Buffet’s life we are likely to ever get. It’s one of the best snapshots of a modern capitalist investor of our times.

This book, however, goes deeper into things than just discussing the life of Warren Buffet, but it also discsusses the techniques he used in his investing and trading that helped him build the powerhouse dynasty he made in the investment world. They share his rules, tips, tricks, and ways of the trade so others can use it to help make their own financial endeavors a success.

This is one of the most complete pictures of the life of Buffet that we will likely ever get. It’s also a great glimpse into his personal life and success within the investing world.

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