Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is one of the world’s richest men and recently sold a huge amount of the Wal-Mart stock he had. In percentages, he sold 900 million dollars in stock from Wal-Mart still leaving him with 100 million. When asked about the change, and why it is that he decided to sell most of the stock that he had in Wal-Mart the simple answer that Buffet gave was that he didn’t feel retail was for him. He did go into detail about the rise of online shops making retail even harder, and that while some people do really well with retail he feels that every time that he was involved heavily in retail it didn’t go well for him, and for him is just something that is too hard.

When you look at the stock for Wal-Mart since the huge surge of Amazon it has gone down and isn’t growing nearly as much. Still, Buffet thinks that the founder of both Wal-Mart, and Amazon are great and they are doing something that is just amazing but it just isn’t something he is good at. When asked about investing in Amazon Buffet admits that it was something he really missed out on in the past as that was something he had the chance to do before Amazon had really grown and while he was interested just didn’t do it at that time when he should’ve. Overall Warren Buffet didn’t sell him stock in Wal-Mart because he thinks its dead or anything drastic. He just realizes that retail is a volatile market that is really hard to be good at.

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