Warren Buffet Top 10 Stocks

Warren Buffett is a mastermind at picking stocks that bring in millions of dollars a year. He is one of the most knowledgeable experts on the stock exchange and how to find the most profitable stocks.

Here is Warren Buffets top 10 stocks starting from number 10.

10. Moody’s Corp- this company provides credit findings to capital markets and credit ratings related to data research and other and analytical tools in the US and worldwide.

9. U.S Bancorp- is a bank or financial services company that provides services to the United States for depository services such as checking and savings accounts.

8. IBM- is one of the biggest manufacturers of computer hardware software and middleware including hosting and consulting services.

7. Philips 66- is an energy manufacturer and logistics company that operates in chemical refining midstream and marketing and specialties.

6. American Express- is a major credit card company that works to extend methods of credit to individuals and businesses.

5. Coca-Cola- is the number one beverage company that distributes none alcoholic beverages in the marketplace.

4. Bank of America- they are a provider of Banking and financial services or products for individuals or businesses.

3.Apple Inc- is a manufacturer and designer of mobile communication and media products for personal and business use.

2. Kraft Heinz Co.- is a manufacturer of food and beverage products in the United States and internationally.

1. Wells Fargo & Co.- is financial service corporation that provides commercial and personal banking services to businesses and individuals.

These were the top 10 stocks that Warren Buffett holds. He’s a major investor in many profitable stocks and is consistently growing in his investment choices.

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