Warren Buffet The Office Cameo Appearance

Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest people in the globe. In his lengthy resume, he has one talent that many people would possibly not guess, and that is acting.

Unknown to many people, Warren Buffett featured in the Season Finale of a TV show known as “The Office.” In the TV Show, he was playing the role of Michael Scott, the boss of a fictional paper company dabbed Dunder Mifflin. This cameo appearance in this movie was the highlight of the show. However, this was not the first time that he was engaging in this kind of activities.

Warren Buffett has appeared previously in another movie known as “Money Never Sleeps.” He is also not the only elite billionaire who have to participate in a film production. There are others who have done the same but it was exceptional for Warren Buffet. He appeared in a one hour show just for a role that was paying him nothing compared to what he could have earned had he spent that one hour in his businesses.

Of course, Warren Buffett did not go into acting for money. He is personally worth over $60 billion. In 1992, he had appeared in another movie known as “All My Children.” He also appeared once again in 2008. According to reports by the US today, he was paid $700 which he actually never cashed. He had the check framed and displayed in his office.

Some of the reasons that make elite billionaires lend their time to the screens are for fun and reputation rehabilitation. It gives people a break from the business talk associated with such people to a scenario where the people concentrate on the fun side of their lives. Other billionaires who have appeared for film roles include Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Brandon, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates.

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