Warren Buffet Supports Athiest Religion Rally

Warren Buffet, a notable businessman, and investor who has long since been labeled as one of the most successful investors in North America, recently discussed his support for anti-religious organizations and atheistic political events. Most recently, the investor supported the “Reason Rally,” a conference which aims to support the growth and influence of atheism across the United States and abroad. Although Buffet refrained from discussing his religious preferences toward the beginning of his career, his liberal leanings and support of anti-religious liberty legislation have caused the general public to become interested in his religious background. For years, Buffet claimed to be an agnostic, but recent years have found the investor crediting his atheism for the success he has had in the business world.

Personal Life and Religion
Buffet has revealed that he was raised in a semi-religious home with parents who labeled themselves as Catholic but rarely attended any religious function or event. By the time Buffet was an adult, he had concluded that he had not found enough evidence to support or deny the existence of a divine being and had reached peace with the unknown. After achieving moderate success, however, Buffet began to become reliant on his own ability and denounced agnosticism altogether, in favor of atheism.

Religion’s Role in Business Success
The successful investor now credits his success to his atheism. Although this theory is heavily criticized due to the fact that there are billionaires present in virtually every major religion with atheism holding one of the smallest percentages of them, Buffet maintains that his religious beliefs have supported his journey to wealth. Buffet has also described instances where he believes he did not receive opportunities because of his atheistic leanings. Despite these obstacles, Buffet has been granted the time and ability to become one of the most successful men in the world.

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