Warren Buffet Son Farmer

Howard Graham Buffet is the son of Warren Buffet, his occupation in which he invests most of his time is farming. Warren Buffet son is completely dedicated to helping other people and one of his goals is to eradicate hunger. Howard Graham Buffet worked with his father but right now he is operating large grain farms.

Why isn’t Howard Graham Buffet taking over his father legacy?

Warren’s Buffet billionaire and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has not made a decision regarding his fortune, even though he has three children apparently they are not included in his plans. Before his wife died Warren Buffet told the media that he was going to give only the necessary to his sons and daughter so they will be able to survive but he changed his mind drastically when he decided to donate 2.5 billion each in Berkshire stocks for their respective foundations.

Howard Graham Buffet stands out for being an example of a great human being. One of his objectives in life is to eradicate hunger, he is very sensible when it comes to helping people. Howard Graham Buffet said once that he was not like his father and it was almost impossible to be able to fill his shoes, however, he recognizes that he has different abilities and he’d rather do what he likes instead of being compared to his father.

Howard Graham Buffet might not be like his father but both of them are willing to help society and their donations to charity prove that money is not what makes someone valuable but what they do with it, they are examples of success and kindness.

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