Warren Buffet Religious Beliefs

Although you won’t see Warren Buffet at a Sunday church service, and he doesn’t openly express anything about religion doesn’t mean he is an Atheist. In fact, Warren Buffet isn’t an atheist but agnostic and while there are not that many differences between the two there are still very important differences that should be noted. An atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in god at all while an agnostic does believe in a god and does believe that there is one that exists. But they do not adhere to any religion or recognize any specific god as their god because of the fact they just believe one exists they do not believe in religion and usually just reference god as a higher power that they realize is out there and made the world as it is today.

It is the belief in something larger then thy self which is the biggest difference between the two as the one who doesn’t believe that there is any god will go about life as if humans are the highest that there is in cognitive ability and that there was nothing else on earth with our abilities before that. Another difference is that agnostics usually don’t try to discredit any religion but they just state they don’t believe in that religion that they either are not sure what is out there and they are sure where to place their belief or they can believe that none of the religions have it right and they simply just believe a higher power exists. Overall Warren Buffet is agnostic and does believe that there is something out there bigger than just humans.

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