Warren Buffet Family Tree

Warren Buffett who is the among the world wealthiest people is an investor who owns multiple of companies he is known as a business magnate. He serves currently as the president of the most significant company called the Berkshire Hathaway. He is known for his support of charity work where at one time he gave out $85 million. Due to his rich and wealth, most people refer him as the Oracle of Omaha.

From his early ages, he started showing his character on saving where he began as the salesman where he used to go door to door business. Out of this is where he gained skills and the experience to become a great investor. Being the globe wealthiest person, he is more famous for his great sense of humor. Before he started this, he had failed to get what he wanted from his family glossary market.

After this, it was a start point for him where he went to start things to do with the stock brokerage. He learned so many tricks that come out of the business and later elected as the Republican US Representative. He is a man with the family, and his wife is known as Susan who is the manager at one of his most prominent firm. The total amount of money that is said to have is about $65 billion. One of his kid executes one of his father foundations. The other child is a very knowledgeable professor at one of the famous University of Columbia where he teaches the international and the public affairs issues.

His wife is also the head of controlling the charity work where she allocates some money for education purpose. His wife Susan later died while receiving treatment and was mourned by many. The man is also a very close and personal friend to the former American president.

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