Warren Buffet Discusses Relationship with Jimmy Buffet

Successful billionaire investor, Warren Buffet, recently discussed his relationship (or lack thereof) to the popular musician, Jimmy Buffet. Because both men have been in their respective industries for more than 20 years, they have received endless speculation about whether or not they were related. Although both men have denied knowingly being related in the past, they have still faced scrutiny about a secret relationship that may exist between them. In recent months, the men have each agreed to participate in a genetic test designed to reveal any possible relation between them. In a statement made to the New York Times, Warren Buffet stated that the genetic test results revealed that the two men shared no genetic information and were certainly not related.

Warren Buffet rose to prominence in the business industry after being educated at several nationally recognized institutions in the 1950s and making a series of successful investments. Buffet began his career in the mid 1950s and had, by the mid 70s, acquired a massive amount of fame and fortune. Similarly, Jimmy Buffet began his career as a relatively unknown figure and rose to success within 10 years of performing. While both men have achieved a large amount of success in their fields and even have similar facial features, their likenesses are completely coincidental.

In a statement to fans at a recent spring concert, Jimmy Buffet announced that he has frequently been confused for Warren Buffet’s son or nephew. He went on to tell a story about how he met the businessman after years of speculation about their relationship. The musician and investor had a cordial time of meeting over cocktails and dinner where they shared anecdotes about instances when fans and media associates had mistaken them for relatives. Both men have expressed wishes to continue to have a friendship.

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