Warren Buffet Congressional Reform Act 2017

There’s been a lot of debates regarding the Congressional Reform Act from both political sides.

What does Warren Buffet have to do with this Congressional Reform Act? Warren Buffet is a billionaire, his job is to know how the economy works, basically, all his fortune is due to his successful wise decisions in the economy. Back in 2011, he said during an interview that he was able to fix debt in five minutes, giving a list of ways of how to reduce debt without compromising health insurance, social security benefits among others.

President Trump seems not to be interested enough in this problem which makes Americans desperate bringing up again the “Buffet Rule”. Warren Buffet thinks that public pressure is the only way to address this problem if people demand a solution eventually something will have to be done.

Why is the “Buffet Rule” a good choice for America?
Basically, Warren Buffet proposition is to treat Congressmen and women the same way all American people are treated by law. Warren Buffet thinks that the pension of former Presidents should be reduced as well as Presidential, Senate members, speakers of the house and majority and minority leaders salary. Warren Buffet proposition is treated as fiction, something that is not happening any day soon because is not it the best interest of the government to provide a solution and address this issue.

Congressional Reform Act needs work and Warren Buffet proposition defend Americans rights by making Congress to be treated as equals with the same benefits and by protecting Americans best interest.

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