Warren Buffet Casino

Warren Buffet the “0racle of Omaha” shared his point of view about the stock market being treated as gambling in a casino. The well-known billionaire, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. explains how Market Stock should be treated and made quick tips on how to make an investment properly.

Warren Buffet keeps advising people that borrowing money and invest in companies that do not make a very good profit is not the way to go instead he advises to invest in companies that have strong shares and good profits.

Warren Buffet is an expert when it comes to buying stock and clearly states that there’s no reason to borrow money unless you want to get rich quickly but it most cases that do not have a very good ending and people end up broke, he thinks that the only way to get rich is to make wise decisions and eventually your investments will have a profit.

Warren Buffet also made a point about gambling in casinos and that is why he shared his idea of buying stock as gambling. Warren Buffet advises not to make the market stock a bet because eventually, you are going to lose.

Warren Buffet made it clear when saying that investors are treating Wall Street like a casino in Las Vegas, they are making bad choices when it comes to their investments and are ending up paying interest on the money that they borrowed and not making buying stocks a good business for anyone, so before you buy stock make your homework and be sure that the company is stable and can survive catastrophes so you do not lose your money.

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