Warren Buffet Breaking Bad

Every one of us has a favorite TV show and Warren Buffet is not the exception. He has admitted being a big fan of Breaking Bad Emmy award-winning series. Besides his reading habit apparently, this businessman loves to watch Breaking Bad, he even made a parody for Berkshire Hathaway shareholder’s meeting featuring himself and both of the main characters of Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul, and Bryan Cranston.

Breaking Bad in a quick summary is about a guy that found out that had cancer and decided to become a drug dealer specifically selling methamphetamine and with the help of another guy they started to gain territory and became successful businessman, there’s a lot of action and drama involved, once you start watching it you cannot stop. Warren Buffet admitted that he likes Breaking Bad because it involves business, finances and a good story with a lot of backgrounds.

Warren Buffet definitely took by surprise all of his employees by making this Breaking Bad parody and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. Warren Buffet demonstrates once again that in life there should be a balance in what you do and that he is like any other human being but richer.

Vince Gilligan the creator of Breaking Bad was surprised by the fact that Warren Buffet loved his show so much, since then they have become friends and was Vince Gilligan the one that helped Warren Buffet in the creation of his parody. Warren Buffet continues to amaze the world with his simplicity and good humor.

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