Warren Buffet Aspergers Rumors

The intellect of Warren Buffett has been questioned over the years because of his high success rate with investments and numbers. Leading those who study the financial market to have conclusions on why he is so successful. Attributing his success to being on a High Spectrum of autism or even having Aspergers. Many have thought that Warren Buffett had Asperger’s disease because he had a high functioning level in calculations of numbers in a fast and accurate rate that was very different than others. Having many assume that because he was so high functioning with numbers that he must be on the Spectrum of autism that has left him to be a high-functioning individual that focuses on a certain task and he is unrelenting on it until he feels it is complete or finished. Aspergers is a developmental disease that affects communicating and social capabilities of the individual. Causing the individual to have incidences to where they cannot fully communicate with others without having an uncomfortable experience with communication or socializing. Not being aware of how the other person regards the conversation or the individual doesn’t have empathy for others around. Warren Buffett has always had a high-functioning ability to calculate numbers and compound numbers in his head without the use of calculating it on other devices. And many have speculated that he must be either Autistic or have Asperger’s because he is too brilliant with the way he comes up with figures and numbers. That his focus is so deep that it couldn’t be any other explanation then him having some type of developmental difference due to his focus.

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