Warren Buffet – Alice Shroeder

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett is a renowned investor and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway a company that he invested heavily in the early sixties. By 1963 Buffett has bought so much of Berkshire Hathaway’s that he gained total control over the company. Originally Berkshire Hathaway was a textile company that was falling on hard times during the early sixties. When Buffett took over Berkshire Hathaway it was converted to an investment firm. and the textile operations of the company was shut down.

Warren Buffett Seeks A Writer to Write His Life Story
Warren Buffett by 2002 had been approached by numerous writers biographers and journalists to write his life’s story. In 2003 Buffett approached Alice Schroeder to write his biography. At the time Schroeder was a Wall Street analyst. After being approached by Buffett to write his biography she left her job at Wall Street and went to work on Buffett’s biography elusively. Her research for the biography total over 2000 hours of interviews with Buffett his wife sisters friends business associates his children and his friends. Buffett in his agreement with Schroeder stated he would not ask for revisions once she had completed his biography.

Warren Buffett Biography The Snowball Is A Big Hit
Alice Schroeder biography on Buffett titled The Snowball was released in 2008. The book was received with both critical and commercial success. The New York Times named it one of the best ten books of that year. The book overall is still today ten years later as the best inside view of Warren Buffett that has ever been available for the public to read. The book upon its initial release hit The New York Times with acclaim and rave reviews from the book critics.

Warren Buffett has never really expressed how he feels about Schroeder’s biography on himself. If there is one thing the book did do for Buffett is put his name and his reputation as a noted investor very well known to average middle-class people. Average Middle-Class people like Buffett immensely because of uncanny investment skills his no-nonsense philosophy about earning money and his conservative spending habits with himself. In essence Buffett because of the exposure from his biography has it all and like most proud people he lets the results of his labors speak for himself.

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